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Arch Dyson TV Director Producer
Arch Dyson TV Director Producer
Arch Dyson TV Director Producer
Arch Dyson TV Director Producer


Terrestrial, Satellite, Facilities, Interactive, IPTV

Vice President of Production Flextech/Telewest

Responsible for all original production generated for the Flextech bouquet of channels (which included Living, Bravo, Trouble and Challenge). He produced programming for the Flextech/BBC joint venture channels, UK Gold etc. Under the banner of Flextech Productions the department offered its services as a production company entering into co-production projects with Channel 5, Channel 4 and the BBC. Because of the volume of programming required by the channels he was also responsible for employing, briefing and monitoring independent production companies (e.g. Wall to Wall, Endemol, Bazal, Tiger Aspect and Rapido).

Arch managed the launch of channels for Flextech and oversaw channel relaunches.

He was in charge of Telewest local programming and responsible for Flextech’s production facilities which included a multi channel digital broadcast facility servicing Poland (this ultimately was taken over by UPC/Canal +).

Arch also managed a broadcast standard television studio complex which provided facilities to the industry.

Within his remit was the enhancement of programming to meet the needs of the broadband digital age. Any programming undertaken was designed with web support and, where possible, an interactive capability via the screen and sms technologies.

Deputy Group Controller of Entertainment for Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television (Granada)

This involved the management of a Department which was responsible for major network productions such as BRUCE’S PRICE IS RIGHT, A TOUCH OF FROST and COUNTDOWN. At the time, this department had an annual budget of circa £15 million. Additionally, Arch was responsible for attracting new projects to the department and had secured commissions from ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Flextech (Challenge TV) and a re-commission for a third series of Bruce’s Price is Right. Arch helped to accelerated Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television from a dormant position in entertainment television to a dynamic and recognised contributor of quality, broad based programming (within six months of joining the company Arch had attracted 2 x 17 episode ITV network commissions). He was also lucky enough to undertake various overseas projects dealing with the global communications market

Company Director Maidstone Studios Ltd

In charge of development, production and owner of the studios which delivered programming and broadcast facilities to the major networks in the UK and abroad.